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Oprah and Gale Go on a Camping Trip

Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gayle went on a camping adventure in Yosemite for the purpose of motivating more people to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Many campers dream of getting to go a shopping spree and being able to buy all the best gear for their next camping trip and Oprah got to go to REI and do just that.

She and Gayle used a brand new Coleman popup camper and got new tent as well . They camped in the Coleman Niagara Pop Up Camper which is actually a 14 foot trailer from the Coleman Highlander series with front and back beds. It has with a burner stove and a 4.5 cubic ft fridge, a bike mount, air conditioning, a screen room and more. She chose the Big Agnes Lulu Bag, a sleeping bag designed to keep you warm even in below freezing conditions. Oprah and Gale also got loads of other gear such as camping chairs, backpacks and basics. Oprah and Gayle and her popup camper prompted many people to go on a cheap vacation outdoors with ideas that they might never have considered before. So get out and visit some National Parks!